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The Abraham Hicks Money Meditation Video

The Abraham Hicks money meditation video is one of the more popular videos on YouTube when it comes to manifesting money and the law of attraction. What is the video about? Why does it resonate so much with people, and will it work for you?

This post will take a look at this video, and check out whether or not it will help you to manifest money, create more income, and success or if you are better off with different guided meditations.

Who or What is Esther and Abraham Hicks

If you spend any amount of time around the self help, personal development, law of attraction community you will eventually click a link that leads you to an article or video involving Esther and Abraham, but who are these people, and should you pay attention to their work?

Esther Hicks – She works with “Abraham”

Esther and her husband Jerry began dealing with spirituality a long time ago, and they have become very wealthy and famous (or infamous to some) for their method of helping others…

This is because Esther and Abraham are not two separate people, Esther instead channels Abraham when she speaks. She claims this is a voice from the vortex, and that she has no control over what Abraham says.

Should you TRUST Esther and Abraham Hicks?

Whether or not you should trust Esther and Abraham is beyond this article, and I myself am not prone to criticize those who are offering help to others, regardless of how “odd” or unconventional that help may seem.

So the question is, should you trust Esther and Abraham when it comes to meditation and the Abraham Hicks money meditation video that is popular on YouTube.

I feel that anything positive that helps even a single person is worth exploring.

You of course, should make an effort to do your own research, and if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone speaking through someone else, find another meditation which works for you.

WHAT is The Abraham Hicks Money Meditation Video?

A few years ago, a video between 14-15 minutes in length was uploaded to video.

The original video upload appears to be a video channel called “Namaste We Are One,” and it has now been uploaded literally dozens (if not hundreds) of times to different channels on the site.

The video itself is a guided meditation, wherein Abraham (channeled through Esther using her voice) leads the listener though a breathing exercise, backed by various positive thoughts related to money and income.

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Guided Meditation is NOT Just for Super Spiritual People

I think to me, one of the better messages is that you should be happy other people are prospering, and when this happens, you will be able to prosper as well.

This strikes me in a personal way as I personally used to be very jealous of others in my commission based job who would earn money when I would struggle.

I use this meditation to remember that watching people prosper proves that I too can embrace money coming to me, and can earn the rewards that I seek in my business.

WHEN Can You Use the Abraham Hicks Money Meditation Video?

when do you meditate, law of attraction

I personally use this meditation when I feel I need to relax, and stop worrying about when and how money will come to me.

I find there are times when I temporarily lose my focus, and that this meditation can help me to regain my confidence that the universe and the stuff that makes up everything we know is truly there for me.

If you feel you need to stop and regroup, to remember what your goals are and regain confidence that you are on your way to those goals, this is a good meditation for you.

Question: What Meditations do YOU Use?

If you use a meditation, which one is it? Do you use guided meditations or do you simply meditate on your own?

Be sure to leave a comment in the box below, and share this video with someone else that may benefit from it.

Thanks for reading, and you can find the meditation video mirrored on my own YouTube channel below:

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