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Manifesting vs Daydreaming – How to live your dream life or be trapped in your dreams forever

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Manifesting vs Daydreaming. What is the difference, how can you tell when you are working on your dreams, or are simply wasting your thoughts on a far away fantasy land?

WARNING and DISCLAIMER – This article is not going to be a sappy and loving walk through why daydreams are great, I will possibly cause your feelings to get hurt. Sorry if this is the case, but stay with me, ok? 🙂

This article will show you how to tell when you are manifesting vs daydreaming and how to make the proper changes to get what you want out of life.

“Dream big, shoot for the stars!” they told you

When you were small you were told to dream big. Daydreaming was always something that you did, but you never got the red firetruck you wanted or the unicorn best friend you dreamed of.

As a matter of fact, if you are like many as you grew out of your elementary school years you were probably being told the following far more than you were being told that you can, you will, its possible…

  • You can’t do that.
  • You shouldn’t try to do that.
  • That is just not realistic.
  • You should settle for what you have and be happy/satisfied.

The truth is that if you daydreamed as a child, you probably did not set real goals that you were planning to work towards.

Let’s be honest, daydreams as a child are often unrealistic and filled with whimsy. They are unrealistic most of the time.

Children are not geared towards things like earning specific dollar amounts, or achieving a specific type of degree, and this is what makes the innocence of a child so wonderful.

Adulthood, daydreaming and self sabotage

As you grew into adulthood, you no doubt had wants… things you simply wanted to accomplish.

Wants are important, they matter. They can turn into goals that you can manifest if they are properly framed.

Wants however, can go the opposite direction. Wants can become daydreams and as mentioned, daydreams are simply wasted thoughts if they are not used in the correct way.

What is a DAYDREAM, Really?

So what exactly is a daydream then? If you look up the definition on Wikipedia you see it glamorized as:

Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake. page for “daydream”

On this level, you would argue that daydreams are good, they are helping you to put yourself in a place where you would like to be…

… And there is nothing wrong with that, and everything right.

However if you look at a standard DICTIONARY definition of daydream, you find a much less glamorized definition

A series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.
(a) reverie, a trance, (a) fantasy, a vision, fancy, (a) brown study; inattentiveness, woolgathering, preoccupation, absorption, self-absorption, absentmindedness, abstraction

The Google Search Definition of “daydream” curated from multiple internet sources

This is a much less attractive looking use of the term, isn’t it? Like many things in the world today there are very different ways of seeing the same term used, either for good or for bad.

Why a Daydream is NOT Manifestation

Daydreams (if you use the Wikipedia definition) sound good. They sound like a good way to rehearse the life you want to live, and help you achieve your goals.

I want to point out though that manifesting vs daydreaming are very different things.

This site is set up in such a way that you can learn to manifest what you want in life, and I have spoken many times about the power of focusing on what you want in order to manifest what you desire in life.

I created a flow chart on how manifesting happens, for more you can read the post located here ==> HOW TO STOP MANIFESTING BAD THINGS IN YOUR LIFE

manifestation shortcuts flow chart, law of attraction
The Super Easy to Follow Manifestation Flow Chart

This is a calculated way of approaching the law of attraction. If you take specific steps and work towards changing your thoughts, you can change your destiny in life and will create the changes you want to see.

To put it very bluntly, daydreaming more often involves TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF REALITY to dream of an outcome, while manifesting involves a change of focus and thought patterns SUSTAINED OVER TIME to create (manifest) an end result.

Bonus Concept – The Hidden DANGERS in Daydreaming

In the same way that the law of attraction involves choosing to focus on a positive result, those that daydream can often times be unfamiliar with being able to monitor their thoughts for negative or positive content.

If you are not actively conscious of your thoughts, you will live out a series of negative actions that will end up with your life in ruins.

I know this because I personally lived in negative thought patterns nearly my entire life.

If you daydream as a way to temporarily suspend your negative thought patterns, you only return to your sustained way of thinking again to be let down and disappointed at the negative and bad results you are creating for yourself.

Share this with a daydreamer!

Maybe you know someone who is a daydreamer. Why not share this with them, so that you can help them turn their daydreams into manifestations.

If you are the daydreamer, then realize your heart is in the right place. Take time to learn the principles of the law of attraction, read the articles on this site and study the law and how it can help you.

You can change your life faster than you ever imagined, if you simply take the time to change your focus and decide to stop dreaming, and start living it.

Thanks for reading. Your views and comments really motivate me. Please comment, and please share!

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