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How to Stop Manifesting Bad Things

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Are you sick and tired of all the bad things happening to you? Maybe it seems you always miss the last piece of pizza or cake at the office party, or you are always passed up for promotions at work.

Either way, you want to know how to stop manifesting bad things, and this post will show you how you can help yourself to a better life using the law attraction and how to stop manifesting bad things.

Are you Manifesting Bad Things in Your Life?

You might not be sure if you are actually manifesting bad things in your life, or if you are simply experiencing bad luck.

Whether or not you want to believe it, you are manifesting (creating) the bad things in your life.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of bad things that have happened to me, and how I manifested them in my life, just to give you an example or two…

  1. Our Condo was Broken into on Superbowl Sunday a few years ago. – I had no alarm system at the house, and I left many different valuables out with my blinds wide open. I was in a miserable mood and was snapping at my wife when we left the house so whomever wanted to break in would have known we were leaving (quite loudly) that day.
  2. I was pick pocketed at the IRS (internal revenue service) building while standing in line. – Go ahead and make a joke about the government robbing me, but I left an expensive (at the time) iPod Video in my back pocket after playing with it while waiting in line.
  3. I got into a car accident while playing with the car radio in a parking lot. – I was moving and not paying attention to the road, and I was 100% responsible for several thousand dollars of damage to a very expensive Corvette.

How did I manifest these very bad things that happened to me?

Case #1 This is easy. Being negative, arguing with my wife and not paying attention to what was visible to possible bad guys on a day where most people go out of the house to watch the “big game” led me to manifest the robbery.

Case #2 Had I not been delinquent on my taxes, I wouldn’t have found myself at the IRS in the first place. If I had paid more attention, I would have been more careful with my expensive gadget.

Case #3 I was flat out careless while operating my vehicle. What luck I did have is that no one was injured, and that I was not taken to court by the plaintiff who could have sued me (and would have won).

The point is that you are always manifesting your circumstances. You only have yourself to blame for what happens to you in your life.

How to STOP Manifesting Bad Things in Your Life

The fastest way to stop manifesting bad things in your life is to simply change your focus and realize that you are completely responsible for whatever happens to you.

I am reminded of a great video I watched with Wayne Dyer. He tells about who a woman he knew described the different phases of her life, and how she learned to live a better way.

It is a story told through the analogy of walking down the street. It is great, check it out below:

The Simple Steps to Manifest a Better Life

First, understand that everything that happens to you happens because of your actions and choices.

If you understand this, it is easy to stop and change your momentary focus and then make better decisions and take better actions.

Your focus dictates your thoughts, and your thoughts that you consciously manifest are what will enter your subconscious mind, and cause you to take actions.

Your actions will create your RESULTS, and this will be what you ultimately manifest.

Image result for jenga game

The things you focus on, be it negative or positive are cumulative. They add up over time, and your actions stack up like a game of Jenga if you are not careful.

You need to be very mindful of focusing on the positive and desired outcome, and you will find in time that you will see better results, and will slowly stop manifesting bad things in your life.

Try the tips in this article, and your life will improve

The next time you feel that the universe is picking on you, take time to think about your focus, remember the flow chart above and remember that you can change things for yourself faster than you think.

Do you have any tips you can share? Be sure to leave a comment, and share this with your friends on social media.

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