About Me

Hello, I am Steven. Nice to meet you!


My name is Steven, and in the past I probably would have not told you my name because the road I’ve traveled is quite honestly, sometimes embarrassing.

I am not from the United States, but I moved here from Canada. I suppose that the fact I moved from a place where people have a great life (compared to the rest of the world) and to the United States where people have a great life (compared to the rest of the world) means that for many years, I did very little to live out “the American Dream.”

You see, if you were to ask someone from a place where the daily wage is between $5-$8 (US dollars) what they think of America, they would probably scream “I love America! I can make in one HOUR what I used to make in one DAY!”

But me? I spent many years taking my time, coasting and enjoying just getting by in the United States.

Finding The Law of Attraction Changed my Life

As I explain in my review of “The Manifestation Miracle,” I was very close to losing everything in my life when I started to look for a real change.

I managed to read and learn about the Law of Attraction and the ideas that we can create out own destiny and live the life that we really want.

It was then that I saw a massive change, a life altering shift in my universe that convinced me that it was worth my while to work hard to help others see they too can also change their lives.

Be the Changes You Want in The World

If I could say anything, it is that we need to work hard to be the same changes that we see in the world.

We need to set an example, work hard to be a better person and that in time we will help others in the same way someone else helped us.

It is in this that I hope to help people be who they always dreamed to be.

Thanks for checking out my site, and have a great day!

How to Use the Law of Attraction?

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